Transition II’s employment services aim to help individuals realize their vocational goals and highlight the value and contributions of employees with disabilities.

Some of the employment services offered to individuals through Transition II include:

  • Assistance with transition planning for students planning to graduate from high school
  • Identify each individual’s career interests, job skills and support needs
  • Assessment of community business needs to identify a good job match
  • Finding a job that corresponds with the individual’s interests (job development)
  • Help with developing resumes, interviewing skills and other job seeking skills
  • Assistance with learning the job until working independently, if necessary (job coaching)
  • Making adjustments in job tasks which make the work easier to complete (job modification)
  • Problem solving on the job (consultation)
  • Consultation for challenges which directly affect job performance
  • Ongoing support services at the level necessary for each person to maintain employment (follow up)
  • Help with achieving long-term employment goals (career planning and advancement)
  • Travel training to and from work (if necessary)
  • Planning around the possible impact earned income may have on Social Security and SSI
  • Referral to other community services, such as services for independent living arrangements, counseling, service coordination, etc.