Note: To be considered for enrollment in the Flexible Choices option, you must have been found eligible for Vermont’s Long-Term Care Medicaid: Choices for Care Program. More information on the application process can be found here.

Flexible Choices is an option under Choices for Care/ Vermont Long‐Term Care Medicaid which allows you, a family member, or someone you trust to manage your Choices for Care services at home within a state approved allowance. Flexible Choices is designed to give you more flexibility and options in how you use your funding.  The level of flexibility depends on your specific needs and both Federal and State guidelines. Transition II will work with you to determine a budget and a plan to meet those needs within your approved budget.   

When you take part in the Flexible Choices option you can:

  • Work with an advisor to develop a budget to reflect your specific needs and design a plan to achieve your goals.
  • Save unused funding toward targeted needs that will help increase your health, safety, wellness, and independence.
  • Spend your funding in a more flexible way. Designated funds can move between service categories as needs change.
  • Have access to service agencies outside of the Choices for Care system if the agency is a recognized home care agency in the state of Vermont and conducts its own background checks.
  • Be the employer of your own staff.
  • Manage and oversee your own budget and services.